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Creolization In The French Americas by Michael S. Martin, Jordan Kellman (Editor), Jean-Marc Masseaut (Editor) Creolization in the French Americas aims to uncover and explore the roots, development, and cultural dynamism of Creole society and culture in the colonial and post-colonial francophone world. The essays and creative works gathered here draw from distinct but related literatures emerging in the Francophone, Anglophone, African, and Caribbean scholarship on creolization, including such divergent fields as early modern European colonial history, dance choreography, psychoanalysis, linguistics, literary study of new world travel narratives, American Studies, museum studies, French literature, philosophy, art history, and African and African Diaspora studies. The collection embodies the conviction that complex phenomena like the emergence and evolution of Creole identity require perspectives that only a diversity of disciplines and points of view can offer, and that those disciplines and perspectives can come together and progress toward knowledge and understanding.