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Crescent City Snow: The Ultimate Guide to New Orleans Snowball Stands by Megan Braden-Perry Crescent City Snow is part guidebook, part diary, and part biography of fifty snowball stands and their customers in the greater New Orleans area. Keep a copy of Crescent City Snow in the car for when you want to try a new place, and use the table in the back to record your own observations. From the Introduction: "Now that I’m older, my favorite thing about snowballs is that they are icy, sweet tokens of affection. You can show your feelings for someone better with a snowball than you can with a card. Think of how you felt when a friend brought you a snowball to the hospital, like my friend Erin Johnson did for me? Or when your grandfather picked you up from summer camp and took you for a surprise one? How about when you were on a date and the person you were with remembered what flavor you liked and how you liked it dressed? Or when your mom jooged your snowball for you and sipped a little juice out of it so you wouldn’t waste any? Moments like that, I treasure. They are what make snowballs more than just a snack."