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Jenny Giraffe Discovers Papa Noel
By Cecilia Casrill Dartez

As Christmastime approaches in New Orleans, the city gears up for all of its annual traditions. There is the big Christmas parade and caroling at Jackson Square. Some even take trips to the bayou country to see the lighting of the bonfires that guide a special visitor to the homes of Louisiana on Christmas Eve. If some of these traditions sound a little out of the ordinary, then you are right along with New Orleans' newest resident, Jenny Giraffe.

The star of Jenny Giraffe Discovers the French Quarter and Jenny Giraffe and the Streetcar Party is going to celebrate her first Christmas. The excitement of the city gearing up for the special day is rubbing off on her. But there is even more anticipation in Jenny's heart as she hears about the arrival of Papa Noël, who brings gifts and joy to the children of Louisiana. Being the curious sort that she is, Jenny has lots of questions about the holiday and with the help of her friends T-Boy, Lita, Claude, and Angelle, she comes to learn about the rich traditions of Christmas in her city, the story of Baby Jesus' birth, and all about Papa Noël.