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Jenny Giraffe's Mardi Gras Ride
By Cecilia Casrill Dartez
Illustrated by Andy Green

Mardi Gras in New Orleans is perhaps the only place where a giraffe named Jenny would not draw any attention.

In this adventure, Jenny Giraffe learns all there is to know about Mardi Gras. She learns that purple, green, and gold are the Mardi Gras colors and what they represent. Jenny's friends, Angelle, Claude, T-Boy, and Lita, teach her about king cakes, parades, floats, and "throws."

Her friends also have a big surprise for Jenny-she is going to ride in the Krewe of Orpheus Super Parade. Excited about throwing beads and doubloons to thousands of people along the parade route, Jenny is even more excited because her mother will be able to ride on the float with her! Together, they experience the "Biggest Free Show on Earth"-Mardi Gras.

Aboard the Smokey Mary float, Jenny and her mother wear masks and throw beads, cups, doubloons, and toys to all of the parade goers. Jenny's first Mardi Gras is truly one she will never forget.