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Junk Style
By Melanie Molesworth

Junk Style is an eclectic but selective look. Furniture and accessories from flea markets and thrift stores are chosen for their beauty, which derives from the quality of the workmanship, their quirky styling, or the colors and textures created by the patina of age. The overall look is neither contrived nor precious: objects are mismatched, patched, or frayed to create a shabby chic effect that combines elegance and individuality. Melanie has a keen eye for junk and is constantly on the lookout for second-hand objects that can be given new life; her book offers both inspiration and advice on how to achieve the look.

• Offers an inexpensive and stylish solution to modern-day decorating.
• Demonstrates how to put together junk-store finds to create an elegant, individual, and comfortable home.
• Guaranteed to appeal to antiques lovers, flea market fans and keen recyclers.