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Modern Vintage Style
By Emily Chalmers

Modern vintage is more than just a style. It's about cherry-picking pieces from the past and seamlessly blending them with things from today to create a look that takes ordinary homes into the extraordinary. Think antique and brand new, machine-made and handcrafted, shiny smooth and distressed, plastic and porcelain all mixed up in a fresh, original way. With this style, there is no this-must-go-with-that. It's about trusting your instincts, your tastes and discovering the things you love to live with, whatever their past. For when you throw out the rulebook, something truly magical happens. Without a little vintage, chic modern interiors lack a sense of integrity. If everything is shiny, new, and modern, an interior simply lacks soul. Homes need history. They need wit, humor, and emotion to make them vibrate with life. And, at the same time, without a little modern, vintage pieces can seem fusty and staid. They need a contemporary context to make them relevant again. The first section of this book, Inspirations does just that. Bestselling stylist and author, Emily Chalmers, brings you examples of Furniture, Lighting, Textiles, Decorating, and Collections & Display to truly inspire you, then shows you how to pull it all together in Style, applying the modern vintage ethos to Cook & Eat, Live, Sleep, and Bathe.

Emily Chalmers is an interior stylist and author who excels at using more dash than cash to create inspirational interiors. Emily's freelance career spanned a number of magazine titles and newspaper supplements and she now happily combines work with play in her shop, Caravan, located in London's Shoreditch.